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Palermo was founded by Phoenicians who sailed there from their native Carthage. Camping and Caravan sites in Licata The Greeks colonized the whole island, leaving some of the most beautiful and best-preserved temples they ever built at Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta. Trapani weather forecast. Around those glorious sites they planted Sicily's first olive trees and grape vines. Booking Hotels Giardini Naxos Traces of the Roman period in Sicily can be found in the amphitheatres at Taormina and Siracusa, as well as in that city's Christian catacombs. But perhaps Rome's most lasting (and infamous) contribution to the island came in fostering the great land ownerships which eventually impoverished the peasantry and led, many centuries later, to the founding of secret societies aimed at destroying the fabulously wealthy landlords. Trapani weather forecast. In Palermo, these groups were known as mafia. Segesta Villa Rentals Trapani weather forecast

Mt Etna, the largest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world, lies south of Taormina. Hostels in Milazzo You are permitted to climb up to 2900m. Trapani weather forecast. A rope marks the spot where the volcano’s unpredictability makes it unsafe to go any further. Further south, the town of Syracuse was once a very powerful Greek city. Self catering accommodation Erice Check out the medieval buildings on the island of Ortigia which lies in the centre of town. Don’t miss the 5th century Teatro Greco – a masterpiece hewn out of rock with a seating capacity for 16,000 people. Cheap holidays Sicily The five Doric temples in the town of Agrigento are also well worth a visit. They are the most well preserved of Sicily’s Greek ruins and are truly spectacular.  

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and occupies a strategic position at the toe of Italy. Trapani weather forecast The island has long been a magnet for invaders - all of whom have left their mark. Hotel Reservations Acireale Greek temples, Roman ruins, Norman castles and Byzantine domes. Trapani weather forecast. Visiting these relics of the past, swimming off the island’s beautiful golden beaches, marvelling at Mt Etna – Europe’s largest live volcano – and sampling first-rate seafood are all part of the Sicilian experience. Trapani weather forecast. City of Catania. Cheap accommodation in Lipari Situated at the mountain slope of Etna and to the center of a fertile lowland cultivated to citrus fruit, it was occupied from the Cartaginesi versus 700 B.C. Nebrodi Villa Rentals Then it was under the dominion of Siracusa and conquered from Dionigi and from the Cartaginesi then, finally by the Romans in the 263 B.C. Discount cheap lodging Catania Subsequently conquered from the Normanni was destroyed in 1693 from a terrible earthquake. Trapani weather forecast. We find it again today, like commercial heart of the Isle with its splendid and attractive baroque.

As elsewhere in the Roman Empire, the Romans were replaced by the Vandals and the Ostrogoths, who demolished far more than they built (one rare example is the villa of Piazza Armerina) and were swept away by the Byzantines. Egadi Islands weather forecast The Arabs who followed them moved the capitol from Siracusa to Palermo, renamed most of the existing towns, and planted the first carobs, date-palms, citrus trees, jasmines and melons. Trapani weather forecast. The Normans took over in 1061. Trapani weather forecast They tore down almost all signs of Arab culture. Cheap flats in Giardini Naxos They brought the island to a new level of prosperity and planted a different kind of seed, still visible today in the blonde and red tresses of many Sicilians. Trapani weather forecast. It is to the Normans that we owe the most spectacular of Sicily's architectural treasures. Tourist attractions in Catania From the cathedrals of Cefalů, Messina and Monreale to Palermo's Zisa and Cuba, the churches of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, San Cataldo and the Martorana. Under the realm of Frederick II, the Swabian king, Sicily became one of the centers of the Western world, and perhaps it is not surprising that the principal architectural endeavors of this era. These lasted only from 1220 to 1250, were of a military nature, such as the castles in Siracusa, Catania and Salemi. Trapani weather forecast. When Frederick died in 1250, his successor Manfred was murdered by the ruthless Charles of Anjou, whose French allies streamed into the island and established a new aristocracy so despised that it led to the popular uprising called the Sicilian Vespers. Eolie Aeolian Islands Map Eventually, in 1302, the French gave way to the Aragonese (part of the same dynasty which sponsored Christopher Columbus), who dominated until 1734. Trapani weather forecast. The aristocracy created during this realm left their magnificent homes, such as Palermo's Palazzo Sclafani and Palazzo Chiaramonte, scattered all over the island. Palermo Accommodation The Aragonese clergy, while wielding the heavy arm of the Inquisition, effectively conspired to keep almost all artistic traces of the Renaissance out of the island.

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