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Tourist attractions in Catania - Tourist attractions in Catania,  Cheap accommodation in Piazza Armerina

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Sicily was chosen by the Gods of Olympus as the scene of their stories of love and hatred, of passion and revenge, of sudden wrath and deep compassion. Egadi Islands Holiday Accommodation And today it's still a land of fire and passion. Tourist attractions in Catania. It's also a land of great beauty and contrast, not least the contrast between what the local politicians say they'll do with the money, and what eventually ends up getting built/maintained/improved. Tourist attractions in Catania. In ancient times, Sicily was covered with extremely rich farmland, whose copious wheat harvests fed virtually the entire western part of the Roman Empire. Tourist attractions in Catania Its thick forests were renowned, but the Romans plundered them to build their great naval fleets and the myriad wooden homes that fueled Nero's infamous fire. Houses to rent in Lampedusa Like much of southern Italy, Sicily has been the ground upon which the boots of Western civilization have trod. Licata Hotels Tourist attractions in Catania

Tourism is an important earner of foreign currency. Tourist attractions in Catania. There are many castles and churches in Sicily to attract the tourist and important towns such as Taormina and Cefalu thrive on the tourist industry. Booking Hotels Nebrodi Tours are available to visit Sicily's active volcanoes: Mount Etna, Europe's tallest volcano, and Stromboli, one of the Aeolian Islands. Places of interest in Cefalu Other places of interest are Madonie National Park, the Baroque towns of south-eastern Sicily, the Cathedral of Monreale, the Dorian Temple and Theatre at Segesta, the ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina, the ancient town of Syracuse and the archaeological area of Agrigento. Acireale Holiday Flats  

A source of revenue for the Sicilian economy has been money sent home from migrants. Tourist attractions in Catania Like many Europeans, in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, a number of Sicilians migrated to countries such as the USA in search of work. Tourist attractions in Catania. Although far from home strong links bound Sicilian migrants to their families and communities in Sicily. Camping and Caravan sites in Acitrezza In fact, today, some Sicilian Americans are thinking of returning to their roots and small complexes of retirement houses are being constructed for American Sicilians. Segesta Bed and Breakfast It is hardly surprising that Sicily should exert its "pull" on its own people as it has done to many others in the past. Booking Hotels Enna

Tourist attractions in Catania Sicily, a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea, with its rich natural heritage, represents one of the most interesting tourist destinations. Tourist attractions in Catania. Sun, blue sea, and beaches, are the natural attractions of a place full of history and culture. Celebrated throughout the centuries by writers and poets, who have spread its fame from ancient times up to the present. Discount hotels Enna You must Visit Taormina. Founded by the Greeks on the promontory of the Tauro Mountain, Taormina is one of the jewels of Sicily. Farmhouses in Giardini Naxos Dominated from Etna and to lean over on the sea. Discount accommodation Milazzo Famous for his Greek Roman Theater from which there is such a feeling of being suspended between the sea and the sky. Tourist attractions in Catania. Taormina is a tourist and pleasant town which leaves an unforgettable memory to whoever arrives in Sicily. Discount accommodation Milazzo

Tourist attractions in Catania