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Over the centuries the Sicilians have valued a close family life with all its responsibilities. Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands. In turn the Sicilian people have looked to themselves in the face of foreign occupation and imposed government. Discount cheap lodging Piazza Armerina Partly in response to invasion and colonisation a purely Sicilian hierarchy emerged. Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands This became known as the Sicilian Mafia organised upon what can roughly be translated as "respect", "dignity" and "silence". Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands

Mt Etna, the largest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world, lies south of Taormina. Self catering accommodation Agrigento You are permitted to climb up to 2900m. Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands. A rope marks the spot where the volcano’s unpredictability makes it unsafe to go any further. Further south, the town of Syracuse was once a very powerful Greek city. Cheap hostels in Acitrezza Check out the medieval buildings on the island of Ortigia which lies in the centre of town. Don’t miss the 5th century Teatro Greco – a masterpiece hewn out of rock with a seating capacity for 16,000 people. Cheap guesthouses Eolie Aeolian Islands The five Doric temples in the town of Agrigento are also well worth a visit. They are the most well preserved of Sicily’s Greek ruins and are truly spectacular.  

Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands Among the areas not to be missed are Agrigento (to see the Valley of the Temples); Acireale (to see puppets); Taormina (a unique beautiful town perched on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean); and Mt. Etna (10 902 ft/3 323 m) an active volcano on the east coast—its crater is difficult to reach so bring a guide and dress warmly. Discount accommodation Enna In April 1987 two people were killed when Mt. Etna erupted. Although it can erupt at any time — most recently in January 1992 — deadly incidents aren’t common. Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands. There’s good winter skiing with great ocean views from the mountain; drive the 120 mi/200 km around its base to see a wide variety of scenery. Panarea Bed and Breakfast Among the ancient Greek and Roman ruins on the island are the Taormina Greek theatre and San Domenico Monastery near Messina the Greek theater. Lipari villas In Syracuse the 5th-century BC Temple of Concord in Agrigento and the Casale Armerina (a jewel of a Roman villa with wonderful mosaics) in the town of Piazza Armerina near Enna. Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands. It’s also possible to visit the Pantelleria Islands, the Pelagian Islands and the Aeolian Islands from Sicily. Noto photos There’s enough there to keep one busy for eight days.

Sicily is a mountainous island — an extension of the Apennine Mountains separated from the mainland by the Straits of Messina. Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands There are many reasons to visit Sicily: water sports, beaches of rock and sand (including black sand), natural beauty, good food and friendly people. Camping and Caravan sites in Sant Agata Militello

Car Hire Eolie Aeolian Islands